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Akshayapureeshwarar Temple Timings :

The day of Akshaya Tritiya is blessed with abundance and is one of the auspicious festivals of India. The word Akshaya denotes never diminishing, and the word Tritiya refers to the third day. The festival is normally celebrated on the third lunar day of the Chithirai month. People do fasting, and worship Goddess Laksmi, and Lord Kubera to gain prosperity. Going to temples, and taking part in charity is also highly recommended on this day. The showers of grace from heaven above would enhance the life of the sentient beings on this planet.

akshayapureeswarar temple

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Significance of  Akshaya Tritiya:

There are several auspicious things had commenced over the past, which enables the day to be celebrated as one of the auspicious days. It is the day to start a new venture, a day to obtain new wealth, and some couples who are Manglik would perform their marriage on this day. Sage Vyasa recited the epic Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha. It is on this day when Lord Krishna bestowed the Akshaya Paathira to Pandavas and blessed Draupadi. Lord Krishna’s friend Sudama was blessed with abundant wealth. Lord Parasurama, the manifestation of Lord Vishnu was born on this day. It is the same day, when Kubera, the treasurer in Heaven received His wealth from Lord Shiva.

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Temple of Opulence:
On this favorable day, visiting the temple of Akshayapureeshwarar in Vilankulam, Thanjavur District is considered highly auspicious. The consort of the Lord in this temple is called as Abhivruddhi Nayaki. As the name suggests, she is considered as the Mother of this universe, who grants all the prosperity and development for her devotees. There is no Navagraha shrine in this temple, but there are separate shrines for Lord Sani and Sun God, aka Lord Surya.
Legend of Akshayapureeshwarar Temple:
According to the legends, planet Saturn aka Lord Sani got his foot injured, and was unable to walk. So he sought for a remedy, by going on a pilgrimage to all Shiva temples. When he reached this temple, he got stuck in the roots of the Vilva Tree. He was brought to the shore with force by the spring called Poosa Gyanavavi. Lord Akshayapureeshwar gave darshan to Lord Sani and cured his leg. He also blessed him profusely, to get married. Since then, this temple became Parihara Sthala, for the people who are born in Poosam Star. Lord Shani graces the devotees along with his consorts Jeshta and Mandha. He is called the Adhi Bruhat Saneeshwara, and his shrine faces the north side.
Benefits of worshipping Akshayapureeshwarar Temple:
Lord Sani was relieved from his pain by worshipping Lord Shiva on the Akshaya Tritiya which combines with Pooram star and a Saturday. Since then, this temple is considered auspicious for the people who are born on Poosam Star. They can visit the temple on a Saturday or on the day when the Poosam Star coincides with Akshaya Tritiya. It is also advised to perform abhisheka to Lord Saneeshwara with eight different things like Panchamrutham; Punugu, cosmetic oil; coconut water; milk; curd and other aromatic substance. The devotees are instructed to ambulate the temple eight times. Once completed, they are bestowed with the remedy from pain and delays in their marriage.


Temple Timings: 

4 am to 7 pm



Vilangulam, Tamil Nadu 614612


How to Reach by Bus:

Nearest Bus station is Vilangulam

How to Reach by Train:

Nearest Railway station is Thanjavur Railway station

How to Reach by Flight:

Nearest Airport is Madurai Airport